Are you looking to upgrade your VB WRX with a sleek Likewise shift knob? Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your gear shifting is as stylish as it is smooth. Follow our expert tips for a hassle-free installation!

Step 1: Remove the Old Shift Knob

Start by firmly gripping your old shift knob and giving it a twist to remove it from the shifter. This simple, yet crucial step will make way for your new upgrade.

Step 2: Attach the Likewise Adapter

Grab your Likewise M12 adapter. It’s essential to make sure the threads align with your shifter’s specifications. For the VB WRX, a 1.25 mm thread is typically the correct size. Adjust the adapter if needed and proceed to thread your new shift knob onto the shifter.

Step 3: Secure the Shift Knob with an Allen Wrench

Once the knob is in place, use the Allen wrench included in your Likewise kit to tighten it. A snug fit is key to prevent any wobble while you drive, so make sure it’s well-secured before moving on.

Step 4: Align the Logo Correctly

Is the logo on your new shift knob facing the wrong way? Not to worry. Use the instructions provided by Likewise to determine the number of degrees off from your desired position. Remove the shift knob and unscrew the set screw with the provided Allen wrench, matching the amount of misalignment.

Step 5: Make Fine Adjustments and Re-tighten

After adjusting the set screw, reinstall the shift knob to check the logo’s alignment. If it’s still off, make small incremental adjustments by turning the adapter thread towards you and pushing up at the top until you can’t thread any further. Once you’ve got the perfect angle, re-tighten the knob using a wrench for that flawless finish.


Installing a Likewise shift knob on your VB WRX is a straightforward process that can add a custom touch to your interior. With the right tools and patience, you can achieve professional results at home. Remember to follow the Likewise installation instructions for the best outcome, and never rush the process. Happy shifting!

FAQs About Installing a Likewise Shift Knob:

Q: What tools will I need? A: An Allen wrench (usually included with your Likewise knob) and a wrench for final tightening.

Q: How do I ensure the logo is facing the right way? A: Adjust the set screw as per the angle of misalignment and reinstall to test the logo position.

Q: Can I install a Likewise shift knob on any car model? A: Likewise shift knobs are universal but ensure you have the correct adapter for your car’s shifter thread size.

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