Car modifications are a passion for many, and finding that perfect piece to accentuate your vehicle’s interior can be thrilling. In our latest unboxing, we dive into the Likewise Ghost Ghost Shift Knob, a stylish aftermarket addition to any Subaru WRX. Join us as we uncover every aspect of this exciting product, from its design to installation.

Unboxing Experience

As we slice open the package (safely, away from ourselves, of course), the first thing we notice is the care taken in the packaging. The shift knob comes with not just the hardware but some swag as well – including Likewise stickers and a matching Ghost Ghost keychain. For those who love a little extra, Likewise makes sure you feel the value right from the get-go.

Product First Impressions

The shift knob itself makes a statement. Departing from the standard OEM look, the Ghost Ghost knob offers a customized flair with its ghost eye design. It’s a piece that doesn’t just blend in; it stands out, demanding attention with its quality construction and distinctive style.

Quality and Design

Upon handling the shift knob, the quality is immediately apparent. The rubber coating promises durability and a comfortable grip, which is essential for any driving enthusiast. The light weight of the knob, coupled with the precision engraving of the Likewise brand, speaks to the meticulous design process behind it.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing the Likewise Ghost Ghost Shift Knob is straightforward, thanks to the included adapter and Allen key. Specifically designed for the Subaru WRX, the knob fits snugly with an M12 by 1.25 mm threading. I walk you through the process, highlighting how this knob is not just about looks – it’s about enhancing your driving experience.

Final Thoughts and Installation on the WRX

Finally, it’s time to bring our review to a close as we fit the new shift knob into the WRX. The difference is night and day, with the shift knob’s aesthetic complementing the WRX’s sporty vibe perfectly. It’s a simple upgrade that makes a significant impact, proving that personalization is key to car enthusiasm.


The Likewise Ghost Ghost Shift Knob is more than just a piece of car equipment; it’s a statement of personality and preference for quality. For those looking to upgrade their Subaru WRX or just add a personal touch to their car’s interior, this shift knob might be the perfect start. Check out our detailed installation guide and see how this stylish addition can transform your vehicle’s look and feel.

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